Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Greatest American President of All Time

If I am to select a single American president to be the greatest, first I have to examine the very concept of „greatness“. The greatness is of course not an objective, scientific term, that could be reduced to numbers or neutral factual observations. Even though it would be unwise to ignore the facts entirely, since they can form a solid basis for evaluation and serve as a fundamental qualification, the greatness is essentially a matter of subjective values. A man can be „great“ only from a certain perspective and to some person or people. In regards to politics, the greatness is most often judged from the historical, personal and national perspectives. Objectively speaking, these perspectives normally entail significant factors like president’s concrete accomplishments, prosperity of the USA during his term, military victories, magnitude and scope of his vision, his legacy, renown and importance, strength of his character, his charisma and rhetoric skills or his level of patriotism, decisiveness and resolve. I listed these mostly objective factors in no particular order, since their relative importance varies, depending on who is assessing it. At this point, I need to decide, who’s perspective and what measure do I want to adopt.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flimsy Logic of Science

If you dare to believe anything at all beyond the strict boundaries of so called good science, it may have happened to you that a self-proclaimed sceptic/atheist/scientist disregarded and invalidated your whole life's experience as well as your person by spouting a single catchphrase. Let's look at some of those popular self-evident scientific truths about our reality a little closer.