Saturday, December 22, 2012

Real Magic

If somebody asked me, who or what I am or wish to be, I wouldn't say I am an artist, or a scientist, or philosopher, not even author, believer, speaker, writer, thinker, teacher, visionary, expert, pundit, none of those labels. Without a moment's hesitation, I would say that I am, for serious, only this:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Barrack Hussein Obama Won the 2012 American Presidential Election

The new president of the United States of America is known at last – it is the one that had already spent one term in the office, mister Barrack Hussein Obama. Many people, most of all probably American Republicans, are now asking these questions above all others: Why? How did that happen? Where did we go wrong? There undeniably was huge amount of effort put into this year’s presidential campaigns for both candindates, as well as a number of other potential candidates from the GOP primaries. Once again, the funding grew to historic heights and the intensity of coverage broke new grounds, extremes and records. Neither party could be faulted for not trying hard enough, but effort itself most certainly isn’t the only factor at play here – human (in)decision (as it was jokingly called by Daily Show’s John Stewart) can be affected by everything from gaffes to weather. There are of course more rational suspects as well, like presidential achievements or lack therof, proposed ideologies and solutions, personal integrity of candidates and performances of their running mates, the nature of media coverage, performance in debates, party unity and support or the successful fundraising efforts combined with efficient spending, and possibly even more. In this paper I will try to assess, which of these factors (if any) seem to have had significant influence on the end result of this almost-neverending election (or as it once again called John Stewart, The Democalypse 2012).

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

21st Century Hollywood - Recycling Culture

Have you watched any new film in cinema or on television recently? Maybe you think you did, so let me rephrase the question - Have you watched any movie, that wasn't a remake, reboot, spin-off, sequel, prequel or even an adaptation?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Love Is a Game Best Not Played

Why do we love and hate, oh ye unforgiving fate?

Also, why is communication about love always so pathetic? Though maybe the question should be - what's wrong with pathos? It seems that the most attractive state of being one can harness these days is "the cool". The intense and pro-active alternative to that self-assured chill would probably be "awesome" instead.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The US of A - A Land of Two People

Not that I would try to be up to speed on whatever happens in all the rest of the world all the time, but one event in particular is extremely hard to ignore - the American kingly elections. What I haven't figured out yet is why they keep calling their kings presidents.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Memebrane Opens - Who Let the Thoughts Out?

Hello cruel world,

I hereby end my previous existence as a non-blogger by jumping into a web. I find it therefore fitting to sum up who I was up until this point, since this is the kind of thing that a recently soon-to-be-deceased is supposed to scribble before the deed.

I was the kind of person who thinks a couple of things about the things that he or she thinks - that nobody cares, that they are stupid (both my thoughts and their unlisteners), that there is no difference to be made in any way anyway... In short, why bother sharing insights with a brother.

But then again, why not put that to a test. I decided to inflict myself on the good people of the net instead, if for nothing else, then at least to shed some light on the spinners, that use it to entrap hapless little innocent creatures, suck their vital juices out and manipulate their hollowed husks like puppets.

I am of course being only metaphorical, if a bit naturalistic. Or at least as much as I can be only metaphorical, when there never was such a thing as *only* a metaphor, ever. If you're not affraid of spiders, you should be. Especially the metaphorical kind, messing with your mind.

For mind is a funny place. Funny meaning strange. There is a theory that our heads are filled with memes, thoughts that only use our minds as carriers. Which is an interesting warp of a much older idea of the Idea - the godlike eternal principle. Like Justice, Freedom, Beauty or Joy.

Meme, on the other hand, could be a beer commercial jingle. Or a fart joke. Or a hateful stereotype. Awe-inspiring greatness or deep inspiration are no longer a factor, now we settle for catchiness. While ideas had to be thought through, the less you use your brains, the better meme breeder you are.

And be sure that the internet is the largest meme breeding ground in the history of thought - the world wide mental cobweb. Here be the bottomless sea of spam, treacherous mountains of ads and dark forest of utter ignorance. Getting to the source of any thought in this domain is a real hero's quest.

But don't despair. Or do, it is your choice how you spend your free time. Assuming you actually are the one making the choices for you. At any rate, as long as you are conscious of where did the moving pictures and whispering suggestions in your mind come from, you are your own.

And this spider is working for you now.