Friday, September 13, 2013

Meet Czech Poetry - The Seventh Elegy by Jiří Orten

I have decided to do some translations every once in a while of some famous Czech poems to which I cannot find a decent English translation anywhere on the internet. I feel incredibly lucky for knowing both English and Czech languages to such a degree, that I can enjoy the finest writing from both of these cultures. But even if you don't know Czech, you still deserve to have a chance to read some of the best poems ever written in this language, wherever you're from. Just like the poets who wrote them deserve to be heard. The first entry is my personal favorite, one of nine brilliant elegies written by a poet who died at 24 years of age - Jiří Ohrenstein was his real name, Jiří Orten his artistic pseudonym.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Future Science Reviews - The World's End

Do you remember the days when science fiction was actually fun? With the recent and still upcoming sequelitis of sci-fi movies with the additional title being something along the lines of "darkly into darkness darkening dark", it is becoming increasingly rare to just have a laugh at some good old smart sci-fi movie that doesn't take itself extremely seriously. In the case of The World's End, it is even weirder, since this technically is a sequel, if only in spirit, a third movie in a trilogy. Kudos to the creator Edgar Wright for making it no less fresh and original than his previous two genre elevations (not parodies). But how does it stand when compared to the rest of science fiction and worse still, the actual (possible) reality of the future? Read on and find out.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Future Science Reviews - Elysium

Hello random readerhood

As a lifetime fan of all things science fiction, and a little bit of a scientist as well as an artist, I have decided to start sharing my opinions on movies, games and written stories "of the future!" with the rest of our shared planet, meaning you. It is therefore only fitting that the first review would be a one of a movie that makes a very clear point about all of us sharing the planet. Very bluntly, that is, but let's not get ahead of myself. I shall call this series Future Science Reviews, because this reviewer is not going to pretend that movies are just movies and science fiction is just some science fantasy that may ignore the real world in all of its, as of yet conveniently unknown, splendor. Don't worry though, I am a fan of magic as well. And logic, which applies to science, magic and storytelling alike. Okay, let's review a hell out of this thing and rate its futureality.